Who We Are

About VZN

VZN Group’s origination was the product of a merger between the individual practices of Chet Zytkus and Art Clendenin in 1980. When Mr. Zytkus retired in 1984, Mike Zbierajewski joined, precipitating the firm’s name change to Clendenin and Zbierajewski, CPAs. In 1999, Mr. Clendenin retired and Linda Velandra and Casey Nowicki expanded their roles becoming partners in the firm, setting in motion the company’s November 2003 move to its current headquarters in Sylvania Township and subsequent name change to Velandra, Zbierajewski, and Nowicki, LLC.

The VZN Group, LLC, of today took shape with the arrival of John Monaghan and his practice in December of 2004 and Mr. Zbierajewski’s retirement earlier that year. VZN Group now represents the collective efforts of an experienced group of professionals, each committed to the ideals of building teamwork for the benefit of each individual client. It’s a philosophy that works and we’d like the opportunity to share it with you.

VZN and The Community

VZN Group, throughout its various stages, has been a long-standing member of the Sylvania community, participating in various boards and committees, and sponsoring numerous local events and projects. Art Clendenin and Casey Nowicki both served on the board and as president of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, while Linda Velandra has continued to be very active on the board of Sylvania Area Family Services. Other team members have also served, and will continue to serve, in similar roles in Sylvania and its surrounding communities.

VZN Group Mission Statement

Our focus is on building strong relationships by combining personal, quality and innovative services with teamwork, mutual respect, honesty and integrity. We look forward to continuing to serve the community and our clients, fostering the success of both in the process.

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