Tax Services

Tax services for greater returns

It’s no secret that the tax system continues to evolve and grow more complicated year after year. The advantage we bring to the table comes down to consistency in our people and purpose. Every new generation of the tax code introduces new challenges and, new opportunities as well, but it helps to have the same talented, core group of people who share the same background working on your behalf.

VZN Group prepares well in advance of each tax season by taking part in continuing education courses that provide insight into new tax law and legislation. Not all changes will affect individuals, partnerships and corporate businesses in the same ways, so we delve into the details to minimize liabilities while maximizing returns for each client. At VZN, it’s all in a day’s work.

  • Specialized tax planning and return preparation
  • Well-informed taxing authority counsel
    Experts in mitigating tax implications arising from divorce and child support issues
  • Knowledgeable in sorting out the tax ramifications involved in buying or selling a business
  • Proficient LLC and LLP representation

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