Strength in (smaller) Numbers

Unlike larger CPA firms who seem to believe you can do more with more, the people at VZN still adhere to the age old adage of doing more with less. That doesn’t mean straining resources or getting by on limited experience; it means personal, hands-on service by select professionals who oversee every aspect of an account and how they tie together for the best interest of each client.


VZN offers a wide variety of tax, mortgage, savings, retirement and investment calculators. From the “Resources” pull down menu, simply

VZN Group’s origination was the product of a merger between the individual practices of Chet Zytkus and Art Clendenin in 1980. When Mr. Zytkus retired in 1984, Mike Zbierajewski joined, precipitating the firm’s name change to Clendenin and Zbierajewski, CPAs. In 1999, Mr. Clendenin retired and Linda Velandra and Casey Nowicki expanded their roles becoming partners in the firm, setting in motion the company’s November 2003 move to its current headquarters in Sylvania Township and subsequent name change to Velandra, Zbierajewski, and Nowicki, LLC.

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